Sachsenring IDM Raceweek 2023! 😍

It’s raceweek again 🔥🤤! 6 months ago, after the world championship round in argentina i was sure that i would never say this sentence again. I simply had enough of all the unfairness in this sport. Fighting back from injury 3 times, all the training, time and energy more or less for nothing. Jumping on a bike and competing in races around the world was like someone was putting me into jail. I was physically completely wasted, there was just emptiness and no more energy in me. Mentally i was completely broken as well. I lost the interest to what i loved the most in my life. Racing bikes. 

There was just one thing left on my bucketlist, riding a superbike for one season. So i have taken time to make a plan with my dad, christoph and all sponsors, or those sponsors who stayed with me and believed in me ❤️🤝. The plan was to compete in IDM, where i have won the championship in 2021 on 600cc and felt right at home. I had read every single comment on speedweek and other platforms from all those haters and keyboard warriors and turned that into motivation. Every single training i went through one comment of them and pushed the shit out of myself all winter long. My preparation was 3 times more than 2021 and 2022, i have worked with incredible good people in every area, there was so much more going on behind social media of what i have shared, you can’t imagine. Every day was the same, sunday or monday or friday or whatever. Just fullsend! It was just about getting myself as ready as possible after everything what happened in 2022. And i can tell you now, i have never felt that fit, never felt that ready and never felt that concentrated on my goals than today. Really pround of all the people behind me, family, sponsors and also the ones who came around on social media with kind words, even racers who i was competing against! Enough words for now, let’s start the season and just prove it! ✊🏼✊🏼